Who cares what I think of me?  What do my clients think of me?

Hamish Pringle – ex 23Red NED – ASA Council Member

I met Jim when he was consulting 23red on new business strategy. What impressed me was learning a new approach when I thought I’d heard it all before. Jim’s core idea is that the most likely and valuable source of new clients is via referrals from existing ones. He rationalises this well, and then goes on to train people in the technique.

Rob Metcalfe – CEO Richmond Towers Communications

Do not use Jim under any circumstances. He is too good and will give you an unfair advantage in winning the new business which we want for ourselves. Stop reading this now. Go and make some cold calls or do something else useless.

Andy Palmer Owner & Managing Director, Sell! Sell!

In a world full of new business charlatans and parasites, Jim stands apart as a breath of fresh air.
Unflinchingly straight-talking, insightful and honest, Jim has the talent, experience and wisdom to help any agency who is genuinely interested in improving their new business performance.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend Jim to anyone prepared to challenge the status quo.

Tim Blesyznski – Senior Consultant in Branding & Strategic Business Development

Jim always looks to shake up the way we sell. Ironically, we’re in a world where disruption is becoming readily accepted and pursued in so many areas of business, technology and innovation and particularly in marketing. But in sales, so many stick to the same approaches, ideas and methodology. Time to let go, maybe? But to what? Jim…. tell them.