We are an established business development consultancy who help you differentiate your agency from others in a crowded market.

Often agency owners come to us because they are frustrated by the lack of results from either their in-house lead generator or their outsourced new business partner.  Though they get meetings in the diary, by hook or my crook, they often amount to nothing. They are simply dysfunctional.

This is because they are good at filling up what I columns C & D, which amount to 20 or so meetings a year with tyre kickers making it near on impossible for you to forecast next quarters revenues.

Even if they cram you into a pitch your chances of winning are very low. Way lower than you expect.  Often agencies think pitches are a fair fight, if you are in column c and d you are probably sharing 20% – that’s 10% each, you’re column fodder.

Our ideas help you win business by getting into columns A & B – we call this column thinking.

We’ll work collaboratively with you and your team to transfer our new business skills and knowledge to you.  The goal is to improve performance internally, to enable your agency to win more business and pick up referrals and develop a direct marketing and PR route that uses the column thinking idea.

What we do is simple – training and coaching.

How to get more referrals.
How to create systematic, measurable client service programmes.
How to win business without pitching.
How to stop chasing your own tail and running around like a blue arsed fly.

Agencies grow because they focus on doing great work, they look after their clients and work with them through the up and downs.

The have faith in themselves and their best new clients come from referrals, which are earned via their great work and client servicing.