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Creativity in Ad Agencies is now Banned.

I  believe that brands should put in their ads what ever they want, yes literally. I know some may say what about racist or misogynistic ads or ads that lie. Well I think we’ll cope.  If brands want to make … Continue reading

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The Relationship is king. F**King annoying.

What is ‘the relationship’? Why do people use the phrase so tediously often? As tediously often as those articles that tell us it is all about people, lest we forget.  “Don’t forget it is all about people at the end … Continue reading

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An alien perspective on client / agency relationships part 2 of 2

continued from part 1 here… The Alien recaps what I said, “How could Marketing Directors and agencies get on better and how could relationships last longer?” “Er huh.” I nod back at him “And you want to know why so … Continue reading

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Stop using new business stock.

In stand up comedy there are put downs and lines that a comic uses that are often refered to as stock.  Nobody really knows for 100% who came up with them.  And really anyone can use them, even you.  They … Continue reading

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I have the solution – why won’t they buy it?

I’ve always had a nagging question re sales, why do sales people (new business folk) close so few deals. Sharon Drew Morgen developer of Buying Facilitation ® explained that I (like everyone else, phew!) have been focusing on selling their … Continue reading

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One reason why new business people are un-productive?

Why are sales (insert new business if you like for sales) people mainly non productive? Maybe it’s because they are thinking about themselves rather than the buyer / prospect. I wonder how hard it would be to change that? Let’s … Continue reading

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Who do your features benefit?

Have you ever noticed like me that whilst in the company of a group of business owners that regardless of what their company offers their sales pitch has a similar patter? This is because most people are using the tried … Continue reading

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Make your offer crystal clear

This a guest post from Sonja Jefferson who runs a company called Valuable Content based in Bristol. When I read her blog yesterday, I thought instantly she really practices what she preaches. And I could learn a lot from her. … Continue reading

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If the top fits

One of the most memorable days of my life was a Monday. It was the Monday after the 1980 FA Cup Final. West Ham as the underdogs defeated Arsenal 1 nil and I supported West Ham. That Monday morning going … Continue reading

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Are agencies afraid of looking in the ugly mirror?

Saturday was National Procrastination Day, a French invention, so I thought I’d wait until today to write about Campaign’s School Report published on the 18th of March. My question is why do agencies give themselves a different score to that … Continue reading

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