The Pitch Result – bloody idiots!

baby face

“How could they possibly appoint that agency?”

” It makes no sense at all, I actually can’t believe it.”

“Are they thick, stupid, or retarded, or all three?”

“I bet they fell for all their lies about how they’d put top people on the job. Bloody idiots. They’re all so naive.”

“They’ll get what they deserve. It’s as if they cut their noses off to spite their faces. I knew they didn’t like us when we had to pretty much explain advertising to the bloody idiots.”

“I’ve just been on their website again, have you heard the guff they were coming out with.  I can’t believe people believes that bullshit? And some of their case studies are years old and I don’t even think they work with a bank anymore. Liars!”

‘”We’ re the experts in this field but there is just no telling people, these days. They’re as thick as a whale omelette and wouldn’t know a good agency if it bit them on the arse.”

“What is the point of us being experts, if nobody does what we tell them to do, I mean why bother?”

“I don’t think clients should be able to appoint an agency without taking some sort of test. Like an IQ test or an exam on advertising.”

“And did you see how old their Marketing Director was? That makes no sense at all, old codgers shouldn’t be able to appoint agencies.  It’s ridiculous having someone over 40 in that role.  He’ll just ruin in for the next load of marketers in his department.”

“We gave them all the facts too, can’t they read bloody fact and figures?  Maybe it was too complicated for them?

“Perhaps we should have dumbed it down a bit, made the maths and graph easier for them. Too old I expect, stuck in dinosaur land of TV and Radio. So blinkered.”

“It looks like they decided with their hearts rather than their heads as bloody usual. They just don’t get it do they?”

“Do you think we could speak to the CEO or the IPA or someone and make them re-pitch? I’m not going to sit here and accept that result. It’s simply not right.”

“Maybe it’s because there a northern brand? This would never have happened in London. We should have a re-pitch in London, that would be fairer.”

“Just got feed-back, apparently our idea’s weren’t strong enough and we sounded like every other agency in town. They wanted something forward thinking and were happy to take risks if it means not looking like everyone else. Told you, thick as pig shit, they just don’t get it.”


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