Lead generation is like fishing

boy fishingOne morning a man decides to go fishing, after all it’s a perfect day for it.

He packs up his things and grabs a crate of beer.

He arrives at a peaceful spot on the river bank, cracks open a beer and casts his first line.

He sits and waits and nothing.

Hours come and go and nothing , not even a tiddler.

Slowly the sun begins to go down and he is on his last beer.

He can’t understand it, he’s done nothing wrong.

Then a youngster comes along and sit just over the river bank from him.

He turns on his radio and cast out his first line.

No fool like a young fool the man thinks, the radio will scare all the fish and the sun has gone down the fish won’t bite now.

No sooner than he has that thought, the kid reels in a nice looking trout.

Fluke – thinks the man.

Then the boy reels in another and another.

The man can’t quite believe it, he has sat here all day and nothing, what is the boy’s secret?

He’s had a few beers so feels comfortable approaching the boy.

He walks up and talks with the boy – ‘I’ve been here all day and caught no fish, you have been her a few minutes and have 3 what is your secret?’

The boy mumbles “grr ghhuh bmumbger thg”


The boy spits a blob of flesh from his mouth into his hands and shows the man and says “You need to keep your bait warm.”

Do you know how to make warmer contacts?


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