How comes this never happens when you go see a doctor. And yet agencies….

Dr. – Do come in and take a seat?

Patient – Thanks

Dr. – So how can I help you today?

Patient – Well I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about yourself and how you might be able to help me?

Dr. – Well what seems to be the problem?

Patient – Oh, no problem at all – I just like to meet doctors to see what is in the market place and I liked your website.

Dr. – Er, okay well I have been a GP for over 10 years and I offer a full examination service.

Patient – Interesting very similar to my current one and who have you worked for?

Dr. – Loads of people mainly old people I guess but some young patients too

Patient – Who was your favourite patient?

Dr. – Errm well I once saved a child’s life

Patient – Wow – How

Dr – Well they’d been misdiagnosed in the past and I rightly diagnosed and  then rushed them to hospital and they survived.

Patient – Have you got a case study on that?

Dr – No I haven’t. But…

Patient – Well I need one really, can you get it to me by the end of the week.

Dr. – Yes okay would you like it on power point.

Patient – Sure.

Dr. – Any other questions?

Patient – Yes can you include your prescription prices, opening hours, terms and conditions too.

Dr. – Sure – and once I have done all that will you get back to me.

Patient – Maybe I am very busy –  just leave it with me is probably best.

Dr. – Lovely to meet you have a nice day.

Dr. to receptionist – I think I have a new client we got on so well. Can you make me up a presentation please, but first call a meeting with the rest of the staff I’d like to discuss some ideas for it.




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