#6 of 10 – Mistakes made in referral marketing

#6 –Not knowing your client’s goals and ambitions

Do you really know your clients inside and out?  Usually when I pose this question during a seminar, everyone says, ‘yes, yes, of course’!

Then I ask, ‘ Do you know their business goals and when they want to achieve them by? Do you know what their personal ambitions are, their interests, their hobbies and their goals’? At this point people start to blush a bit.

It’s not hard to take a bit more interest in your clients’, if you do they may even give you a bit more time. You could even treat them like a real person if you like?! No need for bear hugs by the way.

When we know more about our clients by taking an interest in them, we’ll find it easier to offer up referrals for them.

Often we find businesses don’t spend enough time face to face with their clients getting to really know them on a personal level. The time you currently spend with your clients is often spent answering questions to briefs or trying to get more money out of them or worse fire fighting.

If you spent more time face to face, getting to know your client properly, you can then help them properly and your relationship will go to a different level.  Live a little, ask them questions and listen to their answers. If you do you will become a trusted advisor and become more referable.

“There is no such thing as a worthless conversation, provided you know what to listen for. And questions are the breath of life for a conversation.” James Nathan Miller


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